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How Automation Saved Manforce 32 Hours of Manual Work

Manforce optimizes efficiency, saving 32 manual hours via strategic automation implementation in operations.
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HealthMetrics X UMLand: 48 Hours Saved in Healthcare Processes Using HealthMetrics

HealthMetrics and UMLand revolutionize healthcare, saving 48 hours with streamlined processes.
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Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia

HealthMetrics X Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia Infographic Case Study

Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia managed to reduced 85% of their HR administrative duties.
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Plus Solar

How Plus Solar Turbocharged Solutions for Organisation Efficiencies

Plus Solar is the #1 Solar Company in Malaysia. They believe in powering sustainable growth by offering the Best solar system Malaysia.
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HealthMetrics X SATO Infographics Wellness Case Study

Employee Wellness is an important aspect of a business’s success.
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KASS International

KASS International Elevates Their Employees Medical Benefit Experience

KASS is the leading Intellectual Property (IP) firm in Southeast Asia with presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.
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A Job Thing

How A Job Thing embraces a one-stop medical benefits platform

A Job Thing is an award-winning recruitment platform that uses HealthMetrics as a one-stop medical benefits management solution.
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