How A Job Thing embraces a one-stop medical benefits platform

A Job Thing is an award-winning recruitment platform that uses HealthMetrics as a one-stop medical benefits management solution.

March 30, 2023

Managing a fast-growing startup is a daunting thing. Besides constantly innovating and keeping up with the competition in your industry, there are many other matters regarding the administrative part of running a company. Attracting and retaining bright minds is equally essential for a tech company. As the saying goes, “a company is only as good as its people”.

Studies have shown that Employee Medical Benefits are the top benefit prospective employees seek when considering a job opportunity. As for existing employees, medical solid, ancillary and wellness benefits help to keep a workforce healthy, reduce absenteeism and boost overall productivity.

So how does a company like A Job Thing provide comprehensive employee medical benefits to ensure that they can attract the right talent and retain existing talent while keeping track of costs?

"Attracting and retaining bright minds is equally important for a tech company. As the saying goes, “a company is only as good as its people”.

The Problems: Manual benefits processing and lack of data analytics

For a rapidly growing company, manual processing of reimbursement claims takes up valuable man hours which could have been spent on strategic human capital activities.

Resource planning is essential. However, manually tracking employees that are on sick leave is a tedious task. On top of that, manually recording leaves, claims and balance entitlement is unproductive for the HRs and employees. Besides that, it is also tough to validate the authenticity of MCs.

There was no visibility when analysing MCs was taken, the cost of medical expenses and other information. Reporting on such matters also becomes a very manual and tedious task.

HealthMetrics Essential Plan: Automated processing, auto-reporting, and deep analytics

With these issues, A Job Thing needed an intelligent, cost-effective solution to help automate their employee medical benefit management, which is where HealthMetrics comes in.

AJobThing started with HealthMetrics' essential plan, which includes automated claims processing, real-time notifications, digital MCs, and an employee self-service mobile app.

HealthMetrics' digital platform automatically processes all claims, including treatment details & auto-generates real-time data analytics & reports for A Job Thing. All information can be generated with smart filters & exported into excel/pdf format.

The Results: An astounding increase in productivity with significant decrease on operating cost

Automated processing of medical claims

A Job Thing employees can seek cashless treatment at over 3000+ healthcare providers nationwide. Employees would only need to provide their IC/passport number at check-in.

Thereafter, a consolidated bill statement is provided to A Job Thing at the end of the period. This saved A Job Thing's team a significant amount of time which can be spent on other more strategic activities.

Automated tracking and management of employees sick leaves

Using HealthMetrics, employers would be notified when employees have checked-in at the healthcare provider. When the employees are eligible for sick leave, the healthcare provider would issue authenticated electronic MCs which would be recorded in the HealthMetrics portal in real-time. This also indadvertedly addresses fake MCs.

Real-time data and analytics

With HealthMetrics, all these seemingly tedious matters are automatically digitalised and generate intelligent analytics. All the reports are also only within a few clicks away.

This gave A Job Thing visibility when it comes to it's employees' healthcare & able to then make data driven decisions through these insights.

Time to revamp your employee benefits, get started today!