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A Cutting-Edge Healthcare Management Solution for Manufacturing and Production

HealthMetrics delivers an all-in-one platform to streamline employee healthcare benefits and elevate overall wellness within the manufacturing and production industry. Harness data-driven insights and targeted wellness programs to optimise healthcare costs and boost employee well-being.

Trusted by industry-leading clients like AkzoNobel, Linatex®, Malaysian Sheet Glass, AMBU, TF-AMD, and Molex, HealthMetrics revolutionises healthcare management and drives productivity.
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Manufacturing Solution

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Employee Wellness Unlock your workforce's full potential with HealthMetrics' intelligent healthcare management.

Experience seamless benefits administration and improved employee wellness in the manufacturing and production industry with HealthMetrics. Our platform is designed to minimise downtime, optimise resource allocation, and cultivate a healthier workforce.

Benefit from data-driven insights targeted preventive healthcare initiatives, and streamlined claims management to drive productivity and cost savings while keeping your employees' well-being a top priority.
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Manufacturing Solution

Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges with HealthMetrics Solutions

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Improve Outpatient Claims Management Efficiency by 43%
Our platform leverages data-driven insights and targeted preventive healthcare initiatives to help companies control healthcare costs and improve overall health outcomes, resulting in a 43% improvement in claims management efficiency.
Significantly Reduce Inpatient Claims Expenses
Manufacturing and production companies are seeing a 114.3% YoY increase frequency of employee hospital visits. This trend is concerning for employers due to rising healthcare costs.

HealthMetrics' Inpatient Module offers a comprehensive solution, providing instant administration and analytics of inpatient and outpatient coverage, personalised wellness programs, quicker hospital admission, and customer support.
Customise Benefits Utilisation for Employee Satisfaction.
Our platform enables efficient resource allocation for popular custom benefits like dental, health screenings, and dependent pediatric care.

Enhancing Manufacturing Industry's Flexibility and Customisation with HealthMetrics Solutions

Adapting to Industry-Specific Needs
HealthMetrics' platform is designed to cater to the unique requirements of the manufacturing and production industry, considering the specific health and wellness challenges employees face.

By providing tailored solutions, we ensure a more practical approach to healthcare management in this sector.
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Customised Benefits: Tailoring manufacturing industry workforce health plans, including GP, dental, optical, and treatment options with Advanced Benefits Group.
Mobile Flexibility: Provide manufacturing employees easy access to benefits and limits via smartphone with HealthMetrics app.
Streamlined HR: Simplify employee management in manufacturing with easy registration and termination processes.
Improved Communication: Keep manufacturing managers updated on employee health and medical certificates with streamlined department profiles.
Panel Management: Empower manufacturing firms to create trusted healthcare lists, manage access and budget preferences for employee treatments.

Case Study: SATO Boosts Employee Health and Simplifies Administration through HealthMetrics Solutions

SATO Malaysia, a leader manufacturer of barcode printers and labels, partnered with HealthMetrics to improve its employee well-being, streamline its healthcare management processes, and simplify its administrative tasks.
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SATO needed to identify and address employee health risks, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and simplify benefits administration.


HealthMetrics provided SATO Malaysia with a data-driven wellness program, access to its extensive healthcare network, and a cloud-based platform for efficient healthcare management.
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HealthMetrics offered SATO Malaysia a comprehensive wellness solution

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Personalised wellness through data analysis

Data-driven wellness program: HealthMetrics analysed employees' medical claims data and designed tailored wellness infographics for each department, highlighting top health issues and preventive measures.

Program remarkably boosts workforce wellness

This resulted in 67% of employees losing weight, 70% experiencing a decrease in high blood pressure, and an overall increase in workforce health and productivity.

Curbing medical certificate issuance at SATO

Lower Medical Certificate issuance: The program also reduced Medical Certificate issuance, allowing SATO Malaysia to identify at-risk employees and develop group intervention plans.

Streamlining healthcare management via cloud platform

Cloud-based platform: HealthMetrics' platform simplified employee benefits administration and healthcare management, removing repetitive tasks of tracking invoices and payments and providing easy access to employee medical data for reporting purposes.


The collaboration with HealthMetrics led to improved employee well-being, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and enhanced employer branding for SATO Malaysia, along with streamlined administrative processes.

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At HealthMetrics, our platform provides employee healthcare solutions for companies in the manufacturing industry. We understand manufacturing companies' unique challenges and have tailored our platform to address those needs.

We offer tailored employee healthcare solutions for manufacturing companies. Whether you have specific regulatory requirements or complex health management needs, our platform can help. Contact us today to discuss your business and healthcare needs and schedule a consultation.
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