Empowering Academic Wellness with Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

HealthMetrics delivers a robust platform tailored for the Education sector, simplifying benefits management and promoting a healthier academic community.

Join esteemed institutions like Taylor's University, International Islamic University Malaysia, Crescendo-HELP International School, and Manipal Education Malaysia in trusting HealthMetrics for your employee healthcare needs.
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Education Solution

Enhance Academic Staff Well-being and Streamline Benefits Management

Improve the well-being and productivity of your academic staff with HealthMetrics' comprehensive benefits platform. Our solution enables seamless claims processing, real-time data analytics, and a customisable benefits package tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions.

Experience effortless benefits management reduced administrative workload, and healthier academic communities with HealthMetrics.
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Education Solution

Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges with HealthMetrics Solutions for Retail & Merchandising

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Save over 2,392 Hours on Benefits Claims
Our platform adapts to the evolving healthcare needs of the sector, leveraging data-driven insights and targeted preventive initiatives for improved health outcomes.
Achieve 64% Improvement in Outpatient Claims Management.
Our data-driven approach and streamlined ticket management system empower you to optimise resource allocation, enhance administration, and achieve unparalleled efficiency in healthcare management.
Enhance Custom Benefits Offering by 192%
HealthMetrics helps educational institutions address the growing demand for custom benefits.

With a 192% increase in alternative therapy treatment from 2021 to 2022, our platform enables efficient resource allocation and management for widespread custom benefits.

Elevating Academic Wellbeing with Tailored Healthcare Solutions

HealthMetrics' platform harnesses the power of data-driven insights to address the unique healthcare needs of educational institutions. By aligning key platform features with the specific healthcare claims in the sector, HealthMetrics delivers a more engaging and impactful approach to employee wellness.

By combining these features with the specific healthcare claims data in the education sector, HealthMetrics enables institutions to create a more nurturing and supportive environment for their employees.
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Real-time Dashboard Analytics Monitor and analyse your institution's healthcare expenditures, key metrics, and trends, empowering you to make informed decisions that foster a healthier academic environment.
Comprehensive Ticket Management
Gain complete visibility of employee visits to healthcare providers, enabling early intervention and cost savings while promoting a proactive approach to wellness.
Streamlined Transaction Management
Consolidate all employee panel visits and billing information in one place for improved efficiency and ease of monitoring.
Customisable Benefits Groups Tailor healthcare coverage for your staff, including GP, dental, optical, specialist, and pharmacy access, ensuring a supportive and inclusive approach to employee wellbeing.
Easy Employee and Dependant Management
Access individual profiles, modify benefits structures and implement real-time updates, allowing for seamless management of employee health plans.
Department Integration
Keep department heads informed of employee health statuses, ensuring timely support and fostering a culture of care within your institution.
Flexible Add-ons
Enhance your institution's healthcare offerings with group insurance, telemedicine, non-panel reimbursement, and on-demand services and modules.

Streamlining Benefits Administration at a Leading Global University through HealthMetrics Solutions

A prestigious global university committed to providing exceptional education and fostering a supportive work environment turned to HealthMetrics for a comprehensive healthcare management solution.

The goal was to enhance employee well-being, streamline benefits administration, and optimise resource allocation in response to the unique challenges faced by the institution.
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The university needed to address the increasing demand for custom benefits, manage the surge in outpatient claims, ensure employee satisfaction, and improve healthcare management efficiency considering the growing number of healthcare services.


HealthMetrics provided the university with data-driven insights, access to its extensive healthcare network, and a cloud-based platform for efficient healthcare management.
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HealthMetrics offered a comprehensive wellness solution

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Data-driven insights

We provided targeted recommendations for addressing these trends, such as promoting preventive care and optimising resource allocation.  

This led to a 30% increase in employee satisfaction with the customs benefit’s offerings, contributing to improved well-being and overall workplace morale.  

Outpatient claims management

HealthMetrics' platform streamlined outpatient claims management by providing instant administration and analytics, effectively handling the surge in healthcare tickets, and reducing administrative burden.

Cloud-based platform

HealthMetrics' platform simplified employee benefits administration and healthcare management, removing repetitive tasks of tracking invoices and payments and providing easy access to employee medical data for reporting purposes.

Streamlining healthcare management via cloud platform

Our platform simplified employee benefits administration and healthcare management, removing repetitive tasks of tracking invoices and payments and providing easy access to employee medical data for reporting purposes.


The partnership with HealthMetrics led to enhanced employee well-being, optimised custom benefits utilisation, and improved administrative efficiency at the global university while ensuring a well-balanced healthcare offering for employees.

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HealthMetrics Insurance

Discover tailored healthcare solutions for the education industry.

At HealthMetrics, we specialise in providing employee healthcare solutions tailored to the unique needs of organisations within the education sector.

Our platform addresses educational institutions' distinct challenges, ensuring a healthier workforce and streamlined administration. Experience customised employee healthcare solutions designed for educational institutions.

Whether you're dealing with specific regulatory requirements or complex health management needs, our platform can help. Contact us today to discuss your organisation’s healthcare needs and schedule a consultation.
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