Retail and Merchandising Solution

A Comprehensive Health Benefits Platform for Retail and Merchandising

HealthMetrics offers a complete suite of tools to manage and optimise healthcare benefits for the retail and merchandising industry, both for businesses and their employees.

Our platform streamlines outpatient claims management, custom benefits allocation, and resource optimisation while ensuring employee satisfaction and a healthier, more engaged workforce.  Renowned companies like SLS Bearing, Jaya Grocer, Hero Market, Decathlon, and Mydin Hypermarket trust HealthMetrics to manage their health benefits, demonstrating our credibility and expertise.
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Retail and Merchandising Solution

Boost Your Business Performance Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce with Streamlined Health Benefits Management

Elevate your retail and merchandising business by harnessing the power of HealthMetrics' comprehensive health benefits management platform.

We empower you to optimise resource allocation, automate outpatient claims management, and analyse trends to make data-driven decisions while maintaining a healthier, more engaged workforce.

Our platform's user-friendly interface and advanced analytics capabilities pave the way for seamless integration and informed decision-making, ultimately driving business growth and success.
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Retail and Merchandising Solution

Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges with HealthMetrics Solutions

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Boost Outpatient Claims Management Efficiency and Save Over 2,600 Hours
Our platform automates the claims process, offering complete convenience to businesses and employees. Despite the significant increase in outpatient tickets across various services between 2021 and 2022, we ensure seamless claims management, helping companies control healthcare costs and improve overall health outcomes.
Enhance Benefits Utilization by 128% with Efficient Resource Allocation*
Our platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing custom benefits expenses and resource allocation. We empower businesses to allocate resources efficiently for popular custom benefits like office parking, health screenings, and public transport passes.

* Disclaimer: The increased benefits utilisation is for illustration purposes and is based on available data. Actual results may vary. Consult our team to tailor solutions to your organisation’s specific needs.
Optimise Custom Benefits Management and Achieve Up to 60% Savings** with HealthMetrics.
As your industry experiences an increase in workforce headcount, HealthMetrics enables businesses to efficiently manage custom benefits, such as visitation plans, annual limits, dependent access, and treatment coverage.

With HealthMetrics, companies can optimise their custom benefits allocation, saving up to 60% while ensuring improved employee satisfaction and a healthier, more engaged workforce.

**Disclaimer: The savings mentioned is based on historical data and retail and merchandising industry analysis. Actual savings may vary depending on individual company circumstances, employee healthcare needs, and other factors.
Enhance Employee Satisfaction with 45% Custom Benefits Claims.
Our platform's user-friendly interface and automation capabilities make it easy for employees to claim benefits and for businesses to manage these claims, driving a 45% increase in custom benefits claims and ensuring a healthier, more satisfied workforce.

Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges with HealthMetrics Solutions for Retail & Merchandising

HealthMetrics' platform is tailored to the unique needs of the retail and merchandising industry, factoring in the diverse workforce and fluctuating employee health demands. With customised solutions, HealthMetrics delivers an efficient and comprehensive approach to healthcare management in this sector.
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Customisable Benefits Grouping Tailor benefits packages for diverse workforce needs, including visitation plans, annual limits, dependent access, and treatment coverage.
Real-time Employee Ticket Tracking
Monitor employee health proactively and reduce costs through early intervention programs.
Centralised Billing Management with the Transaction Section Streamline management of healthcare costs across multiple locations.
Self-help Application
Simplify employee and dependent benefits management with easy activation, deactivation, and real-time revisions.
Customisable Panel Management Section
Control healthcare expenses by customising workforce access to healthcare providers within a preferential budget.
Data-driven Insights with the Report Section
Make informed decisions with advanced reporting capabilities, including treatment reports, department reports, and sick leave reports.
Flexi Benefits (Non-panel Reimbursement)
Create custom benefits pools that cater to diverse employee needs, such as fitness subsidies, mental health programs, and learning and development classes.

Case Study: Major Retail Chain Enhances Employee Health and Streamlines Benefits Management through HealthMetrics Solutions

A major retail chain with a strong presence in the merchandising sector partnered with HealthMetrics to improve employee well-being, streamline benefits administration, and optimise healthcare management processes.
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The retail chain faced challenges in managing diverse employee benefits, addressing health risks, reducing absenteeism, enhancing productivity, and simplifying benefits administration across multiple locations.


HealthMetrics provided the retail chain with a tailored wellness program, access to its extensive healthcare network, and a cloud-based platform for efficient healthcare management.
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HealthMetrics offered a comprehensive wellness solution

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Real-time Employee Health Monitoring

The HealthMetrics platform enabled the retail chain to track employee health in real-time, identify at-risk employees, and implement early interventions, reducing absenteeism and Medical Certificate issuance.

Streamlined Benefits Administration

HealthMetrics' cloud-based platform simplified benefits administration for the retail chain, automating tasks such as tracking invoices and payments and providing easy access to employee medical data for reporting purposes.

Centralised Healthcare Management

The HealthMetrics platform consolidated healthcare expenses and employee panel visits across multiple locations, making it easier for the retail chain to manage and monitor healthcare costs.


The partnership with HealthMetrics led to improved employee well-being, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and enhanced employer branding for the retail chain, along with streamlined benefits administration and healthcare management processes.

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HealthMetrics Insurance

Tailored Healthcare Solutions for Retail and Merchandising

HealthMetrics understands the unique challenges of the retail and merchandising industry, offering customised healthcare solutions to support employee well-being and drive business success.

Contact us today to discuss your specific healthcare needs and schedule a consultation. Let HealthMetrics be your partner in fostering a thriving work environment.
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