Food and Beverage Solution

Enhancing Health and Wellness in the Food and Beverage Industry

HealthMetrics offers a tailored platform to manage employee health benefits and wellness programs specifically designed for the unique demands of the food and beverage industry.

Industry leaders like Domino's Pizza, Food Empire Holdings, Dragon-i, Amazin' Graze, Pop Meals, A&W Restaurants, Campbell Soup Company, and Food Heritage trust HealthMetrics to support their staff's well-being and simplify benefits management.
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Food and Beverage Solution

Effortlessly Manage Diverse Health Benefits and Enhance Employee Wellness with HealthMetrics

HealthMetrics simplifies the management of diverse health benefits for food and beverage industry employees. We empower employers and HR teams to offer customisable benefits packages without the burden of administrative workload. Its platform provides real-time employee ticket tracking, streamlined billing management, and data-driven insights tailored to the sector’s needs.

By automating benefits administration and allowing companies to manage multiple benefits across different levels of the organisation easily, we help businesses reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity, which are vital for thriving in the competitive food and beverage sector.
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Food and Beverage Solution

Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges with HealthMetrics Solutions

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Boost Health Benefits Management Efficiency by 33% in the Food & Beverage Industry.
HealthMetrics simplifies claims processing for the F&B industry, keeping pace with a 33% increase in GP ticket usage and growth in other outpatient services, reducing administrative workload and ensuring a healthier, satisfied workforce.
Enhance Custom Benefits in the Food & Beverage Industry.
With our platform, you can easily offer and manage popular health benefits like health screenings and vaccinations. This allows you to meet the rising expectations for health benefits, which have grown by 250% in recent years.
Save over 1,232 Hours on Benefits Claims Efficiency
Based on historical data, we calculated that F&B industries save thousands of hours of workload, which can be better spent on re-engagement, learning and development and other upskilling areas detrimental to your organisation’s success.
HealthMetrics-Food and Beverage

Tailored Health Solutions for the Fast-Paced Food & Beverage Industry

HealthMetrics recognises the unique challenges faced by the Food & Beverage industry, such as high employee turnover and contract workers. Our platform offers customised health solutions and an efficient activation and deactivation feature, ensuring a healthy workforce while streamlining HR processes.

Esteemed F&B companies like Domino's Pizza, Food Empire Holdings, Dragon-i, Amazin' Graze, Pop Meals, A&W Restaurants, Campbell Soup Company, and Food Heritage trust HealthMetrics to improve employee well-being and simplify HR management.

For the dynamic Food & Beverage industry, HealthMetrics offers tailored solutions to address specific needs and challenges:
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Custom Benefits Group
Design personalised health plans, including GP, dental, optical, specialist, and pharmacy coverage, allowing employees to access real-time benefits via the mobile app.
Origin Pharmacy
Efficient Activation and Deactivation
Quickly activate or deactivate employee benefits through our user-friendly portal, making it easy to manage coverage for contract workers and adapt to the high turnover rate in the F&B industry.
Panel Management
Customise your preferred healthcare provider list, enabling your employees to access affordable and trusted clinics, reducing costs and facilitating streamlined treatment.
Flexi Benefits
Create custom benefits pools, such as fitness subsidies, health screening and mental health programs, that cater specifically to the needs and demands of the Food and Beverage industry.
Department Section
Set up multiple department profiles to inform managers of employee health statuses and medical certificate issuance.
Reports Section
Access analytical data points that help optimise employee wellness and medical expenditure through early data-driven prevention analytics.

How Delibowl Slashes Pre-Employment Costs by 40% and Streamlines Operations with HealthMetrics Solutions

Delibowl, a leading food and beverage company, specialises in offering a wide range of delectable culinary experiences to its customers.
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Delibowl sought to enhance employee well-being, streamline pre-employment processes, manage employee health data effectively, and reduce healthcare costs.


HealthMetrics provided Delibowl with a comprehensive platform that simplified pre-employment processes, improved employee health data management, and identified cost-saving opportunities.
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HealthMetrics offered Delibowl a comprehensive wellness solution

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Efficient Pre-Employment Processes

HealthMetrics offered easy access to an extensive panel of healthcare providers, ensuring quick turnaround times and efficient health screenings for new employees.

User-friendly Interface and Automation

The platform's intuitive design and automated processes made managing employee health data effortless, resulting in significant time and resource savings.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

By leveraging HealthMetrics' platform, Delibowl reduced its overall healthcare expenses, with pre-employment costs decreasing by 40% compared to their previous spending at other clinics.


Delibowl's collaboration with HealthMetrics led to, streamlined processes, better management of employee health data, and a 40% reduction in costs, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional culinary experiences to its customers.

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Address Your F&B Industry Healthcare Needs with HealthMetrics

At HealthMetrics, we understand the distinct challenges faced by the Food and Beverage industry, and our platform is designed to cater to those specific needs.

We help businesses optimise employee healthcare and benefits management, improving employee satisfaction and well-being. Whether you have unique regulatory requirements or complex health management needs, HealthMetrics has the solution.

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