Property and Developer Industry Solution

Revolutionising Employee Healthcare for the Property and Developer Industry

HealthMetrics offers a tailored, all-in-one platform explicitly designed to address the healthcare needs of property and developer industry professionals.

By streamlining administration, optimising costs, and fostering employee well-being, we empower industry leaders like United Malayan Land Bhd, Chin Hin Group, Hua Yang Berhad, and Sunsuria Group to build a healthier, more productive workforce in the competitive property development landscape.
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Property and Developer Industry Solution

Enhance Employee Wellness and Boost Productivity in the Property and Developer Industry

Improve your organisation’s healthcare management with HealthMetrics' tailored platform, designed specifically for the property and developer sector.

Experience the benefits of streamlined claims administration, real-time data analytics, and targeted wellness programs that boost employee well-being and productivity. Our platform empowers you to reduce healthcare costs, identify trends in employee health, and create a healthier work environment that contributes to the overall success of your organisation.
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Property and Developer Industry Solution

HealthMetrics Drives Significant Improvements in The Property Industry Healthcare Management

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Save 1,851 Hours and Unlock Potential Savings with HealthMetrics
Enhance your healthcare claims management using HealthMetrics, saving 1,851 hours of manual work and reducing spending between 2021 and 2022.

Experience the transformation in efficiency and cost-effectiveness, allowing your organisation to focus on growth and development.
Streamline Pre-Employment Health Screening with by Costs by 40%
HealthMetrics offers an efficient solution to streamline pre-employment health screening for the Property and Developer Industry.

Our platform provides quick access to panel clinics and reduces screening costs by 40%, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for new hires while keeping expenses in check.
Optimise Custom Benefits for Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
HealthMetrics helps Property and Developer companies effectively allocate resources for in-demand custom benefits like dental, optical, health screenings, and specialist care.

Our platform analyses healthcare data trends and assists businesses in implementing data-driven wellness programs. By tailoring benefits to employees' needs, companies can reduce inpatient claims expenses and foster a healthier, more satisfied workforce.

UMLand's Time-Saving Transformation: 48 Hours a Month Saved with HealthMetrics

United Malayan Land (UMLand) is an award-winning property and developer company in Malaysia, known for its innovative residential townships and niche developments. With numerous accolades, including the Star Property Awards 2018: Jewels of Johor and Best Sustainable Development, UMLand recognises the importance of employee health and well-being.
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UMLand's healthcare benefits were previously managed by a third-party administrator (TPA), resulting in several challenges for their HR department:
  • Employees struggled to find the nearest approved panel clinic
  • HR`s had to handle the cumbersome process of obtaining guarantee letters
  • Invoice management was tedious and delayed, with TPA consolidating bills at month-end
  • Employees needed to carry a physical medical card for treatments
  • HR`s could not access meaningful healthcare analytics or real-time medical expenditure reports


HealthMetrics introduced their platform to UMLand, automating employee claims, invoices, medical certificate management, and guarantee letter issuance.

The platform provided a user-friendly dashboard for benefits structure and real-time monitoring of staff medical utilisation. The HealthMetrics Mobile Application offered employees easy access to benefits entitlement and panel clinic search options.
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UMLand's HR department expressed gratitude for the improved job function brought about by the HealthMetrics benefits platform. The digital solution provided by HealthMetrics proved to be more advantageous than the traditional TPA policy.

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HealthMetrics Insurance

Discover your ideal healthcare solution for the property and developer industry.

At HealthMetrics, we specialise in crafting employee healthcare solutions that cater specifically to the unique demands of the property and developer sector.

Our keen understanding of the challenges faced by this industry allows us to tailor our platform to meet and exceed your expectations. Experience the difference between customised employee healthcare solutions for property and developer companies.

From addressing specific regulatory requirements to tackling complex health management needs, our platform is designed to empower your business. Connect with us today to explore your business and healthcare needs, and let us guide you through a personalised consultation.
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