HealthMetrics X UMLand: 48 Hours Saved in Healthcare Processes Using HealthMetrics

HealthMetrics and UMLand revolutionize healthcare, saving 48 hours with streamlined processes.

April 14, 2023

United Malayan Land (UMLand) is one of Malaysia’s leading property developers with a strong commitment to safety, productivity and quality of life for its employees.

Previously using a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to manage their employee health care they encountered significant issues such as meticulous guarantee letter (G.L) process and tedious manual processes which cost them 48 hours a month spent on administrative duties.

Switching over to the HealthMetrics platform, UMLand HR department now has more time to spend on strategic and crucial matters such as learning and development, and employee engagement. Learn how your organisation can experience the same savings, with the infographics below.

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