How Automation Saved Manforce 32 Hours of Manual Work

Manforce optimizes efficiency, saving 32 manual hours via strategic automation implementation in operations.

October 13, 2023

Manforce Profiles

Industry: Call Centre & BPO

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Company size: 2,042 employees

Year founded: 2004


Manforce is one of the leading foreign worker solution providers in Malaysia. They take pride in calling themselves a one-stop avenue in the provision of foreign workers' supply. As foreign workers, healthcare is their utmost priority, ensuring a fair and safe environment for the workers that come and work here.

As the recipient of the Asia Pacific CSR Award in Masterclass Socially Responsible Company in Labour Standard in 2015, Manforce demonstrated a clear work path called 'Lifecycle Employment' that ensures the foreign workers' wellbeing during recruitment, pre-employment, and throughout their employment period in Malaysia.

This collaboration has helped Manforce to excel and expand their business as they manage to save time and cost for their operations.

What is the importance of Automation?

Automation is meant to simplify tasks and complete them in a shorter amount of time and has introduced many quality advancements towards managing employee healthcare. Automation's plays an important role in enabling Human Resource (HR's) to focus on jobs that require more critical thinking and eliminating mundane tasks.

This collaboration between HealthMetrics and Manforce will showcase employee management's efficiency, such as simplified dashboard for ease of storing, accessing, and retrieving employee data and savings on countless hours on the routine task.

What were the challenges faced with managing a large number of employees?

Manforce nature of work revolves around managing over a thousand foreign workers, and it is difficult for HR to manage the workload. Besides, the organization has experienced a massive time loss to handle all types of employee claims, which left them with less focus on other HR aspects, such as employee engagement and training.

Furthermore, clinic recruitments and management posed another challenge for Manforce as the workers are based across Malaysia. They recruited clinics manually that require their team to contact clinics and acquire them to be part of their network. Besides clinic recruitment, Manforce also needs to make the individual payment to these clinics that requires additional effort from their side.

What are the benefits of healthcare digitalisation?

Manforce began searching for a healthcare digitalization solution to handle their ever-increasing number of foreign workers from time to time, resulting in the collaboration between HealthMetrics and Manforce in 2017. Using HealthMetrics platform has led Manforce to see tremendous improvement in the time allocated for handling employee benefits, including claims and MC management, whereby they managed to save over 32 hours monthly, an example of the positive impact of Automation in action.

What are the examples of healthcare automation?

Manforce is able to utilises nationwide healthcare partner powered by HealthMetrics, that now stand at more than 3000 and growing, including General Practitioners (GP), dental, and optical. This feature eases the recruitment and payment tracking for Manforce as HealthMetrics provides an online platform for easy access to the data. Invoices are consolidating all the billing from healthcare partners, making payments to clinics a simple process.

To conclude, automation is the key to enabling these smooth processes with everything centralised on a single platform with HR in total control of the system. Apart from this, HR will be able to review their employee data through its user-friendly interface. Despite having to load a significant volume of the database in staggered stages initially, the setup and onboarding process went smoothly. This collaboration has helped Manforce to excel and expand their business as they manage to save time and cost for their operations.

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