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Certain features may not be applicable to all members, please consult your HR department for your benefits policy.

HealthMetrics app walkthrough

Learn the best features you will enjoy with HealthMetrics app 

Finding outpatient specialist 

Search your nearest outpatient specialist anywhere, anytime.
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Introducing non-panel reimbursement claims

Claim reimbursement will never get any easier than this.
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How to apply GL (Guarantee Letter)

Paperless, all-digital ways to apply for your Guarantee Letter (GL)
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Get Started With 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download HealthMetrics Mobile App

Click the icons below or search for "HealthMetrics" in the App Store.

Step 2: Get 6-digit registration code from HR

This is a 6-digital mobile app registration code unique to your company.

Step 3: Register account with mobile number or email address

A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number / email address. 

Benefits at your fingertips

Learn what you can do with HealthMetrics app

Employee Profile

Check benefits policy, benefits entitlement & balances 

Claims History

Past claims & MCs history

Helpful Info

Learn more about the panel before visiting

Panel Locator

Locate the nearest company-approved healthcare panels

Guarantee Letter

Apply GL on-the-go & walk into the Specialist Clinic when it's approved

Member's Rewards

Get exclusive member's rewards from our participating partners

Download the step-by-step user guide

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I go to a non-panel healthcare provider?

    This depends on your company policy. Please refer to your HR on this.

    Do I really need to check the panel locator before visiting the healthcare provider? 

    Yes, your company determines the approved list of panel healthcare provider for its employees. This list may change from time-to-time & may not include all of HealthMetrics' healthcare partners.
  • Do I still need to get the hardcopy MC if there is Digital MC given by the doctor?

    Yes. You would still need to get the hardcopy MC & will need to pass it back to company HR when you
    are back at work.

    Do I need to pay cash at the panel?

    If your treatment is covered by the company at your company's approved panel, you do not need to pay cash. If you've exceeded your benefits limit or received uncovered treatments, you will need to top-up the outstanding amount in cash.
  • How do I check on my benefits entitlement & balances?

    You can get this info in the HealthMetrics mobile app under your profile. Your past visits history will also be viewable within the mobile app. 

    How do I call or find out more about the panel healthcare provider?

    When searching for a panel healthcare provider within the mobile app, tap on the clinic name & you will find the profile of the clinic including the services available (eg. xray), availability of female doctors & operating hours.

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