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Innovate your Healthcare Benefits

We built our platform with flexibility in mind to serve enterprises large and small. Join over 1000 companies across industries and change the way you look at healthcare benefits.
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“HealthMetrics is a product that every corporate want. They just do not know they want it yet, until today. Truly a game-changer!” - The Pacific Insurance Berhad

HealthMetrics platform is built with scalability, flexibility and security at its core to cater to the complex needs of enterprises. Our real-time data analytics is designed to help companies get a complete picture of their organisations' healthcare expenditure and identify avenues for improvement with exclusive benchmarking data.
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“It helps us a lot in panel management and admin. Keep it up!” - Kruger Industries

HealthMetrics reduces tedious manual paperwork by automating claims management & reporting. Our dynamic cost containment feature help companies manage costs more efficiently, while providing employees with access to cashless treatments. 
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Excellent customer service is a core component in the hospitality industry. Providing employees with cashless treatments allow employees to seek care conveniently, and getting the rest they need to bounce back to their full health. Real-time notifications of clinic visits and digital MCs help companies anticipate and quickly rectify manpower gaps to ensure customer service levels remain high. 
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"Great platform. Our employees are happy with the mobile app. It is easier for them to keep track of their claims and balances.” - Taylor's Education Group

HealthMetrics provides employees with a self-service mobile app, with information just a tap away. Our in-app digital guarantee letter (GL) process is seamless and allows employees to seek specialist treatments conveniently without the hassle of paperwork, nor the long waits. 
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Excellent! With no cost and even your panel clinics expenses are moderate with the limit and under your control.

All details related to our employee’s clinic visit and treatment is available at anytime in the system. Employee Medical Leave notification is immediately after the treatment directly to your HR emails.

HealthMetrics system has improved Human Resource Services to be more efficient. I am happy to recommend HealthMetrics services to others.”
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“Workloads have been reduced by more than half thanks to HealthMetrics. The efficiency has allowed my team to focus on other key HR areas.” - Razer Pay

HealthMetrics' secure cloud solution allows distributed teams manage their employee healthcare through a centralised system, anytime and anywhere. Managing addition and deletion of employees is also an instant process, all through the portal. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and messy reimbursements when you can automate it all with HealthMetrics.
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