Navigating Asia's Top Employee Healthcare Trends in 2024

Explore the key insights from the Mercer Marsh Health Trends 2024 report on Asia’s top employee healthcare trends, including rising healthcare costs, digital health innovations, and inclusive benefits, and discover how HealthMetrics offers solutions tailored to modern corporate needs.

Article by:
Kiren Velu Pillai

Employee health and well-being have become central to organisational success in today's dynamic corporate environment. The MMB Health Trends 2024 report sheds light on critical health trends impacting overseas corporates, presenting challenges and opportunities for employers committed to enhancing employee well-being.

Important Facts from the Report:

  1. Rising Healthcare Costs Due to Increasing Claims:
    • The medical trend rate in Asia is anticipated to rise to 12.5% in 2023, with cancer being the most significant contributor to claim costs. This highlights the critical need for corporations to invest in preventive healthcare measures and explore innovative treatment solutions.
  2. Transformation of Health Systems and Digital Healthcare:
    • With a 46% improvement in access to private healthcare reported by insurers, adopting digital healthcare solutions is at an early but promising stage. This trend represents a unique opportunity for employers to lead in offering high-quality digital healthcare services.
  3. Focus on Mental Health, Women’s Health, and Inclusive Benefits:
    • Despite 54% of insurers covering psychological counselling, many offer limited sessions. The report underscores the importance of comprehensive and inclusive health benefits, covering services ranging from mental health to reproductive health.
  4. Cost Containment and Plan Design Flexibility:
    • Insurers are providing options for plan design changes aimed at cost containment, with 38% including navigation services as a feature. This trend suggests employers should negotiate with insurers to secure competitive and effective cost containment measures.
  5. Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs):
    • With NCDs like cancer on the rise, there is an urgent need for enhanced prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and workplace support strategies. Employers are encouraged to revise their benefits strategy to focus on NCD prevention and management.

Actionable steps for employers to be proactive and innovative in benefits planning and execution.

  1. Prioritizing Preventive Measures for High-Cost Conditions:
    • Employers should enhance focus on preventive measures, especially for conditions like cancer, that top the list of claim costs. Implementing comprehensive screening programs and promoting lifestyle changes can help in early detection and prevention, potentially reducing the incidence and severity of such conditions. Awareness and preventive measures are crucial in managing long-term healthcare costs and improving employee health outcomes​​.
  2. Embracing Digital Health Solutions:
    • The report underscores the transformation of health systems and the role of digital healthcare in addressing skill shortages and improving access. Employers should lead in offering access to digital health solutions, such as telemedicine and virtual care platforms, to complement traditional healthcare services. These technologies can provide more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective options for employees, improving healthcare quality and access​​.
  3. Implementing Cost Containment Measures:
    • Employers and their advisors must work closely with insurers to implement sensible cost-containment measures. This includes fraud, waste, abuse controls, claims-sharing features, and other strategies that help keep premiums competitive without compromising on the quality of care. Employers should also explore steering members towards high-value care, such as centres of excellence, and incorporating education programs to make employees smarter healthcare consumers​​.
  4. Leveraging Data and Analytics for Benefits Optimization:
    • Utilizing data analytics to understand healthcare utilisation patterns, claims data, and employee health trends can help employers tailor their benefits offerings more effectively. This data-driven approach allows for identifying high-cost areas, potential health risks within the employee population, and opportunities for intervention. By analysing this information, employers can design benefits programs that address current healthcare needs and predict and mitigate future health risks​​.
  5. Promoting Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Programs:
    • Actively promoting employee engagement in wellbeing programs, such as fitness challenges, mental health awareness initiatives, and health education sessions, can foster a culture of health within the organisation. Engaged employees are more likely to participate in preventive health measures and make informed decisions about their healthcare, contributing to the overall reduction of healthcare costs and improved health outcomes​​.

Introducing HealthMetrics: A Solution Aligned with Asia's Employee Healthcare Trends

HealthMetrics stands at the forefront of addressing these emerging healthcare trends, offering a comprehensive platform solution that resonates with the needs of modern corporates in Asia.

1. Innovative Cost Management:

HealthMetrics provides analytics and insights that help companies identify risk factors early, implement preventive healthcare measures, and explore innovative treatments to manage rising healthcare costs effectively.

2. Digital Healthcare Transformation:

Leveraging the power of digital technology, HealthMetrics enhances access to high-quality care, offering a seamless connection between employees and a vast network of healthcare providers through telemedicine and digital health records.

3. Comprehensive and Inclusive Benefits:

With an emphasis on mental health, women's health, and inclusive benefits, HealthMetrics ensures that corporations can offer a more comprehensive range of health services, meeting the diverse needs of their workforce.

4. Flexible Plan Design for Cost Containment:

HealthMetrics allows employers to customise their healthcare plans, providing the flexibility needed to implement cost-containment strategies effectively while ensuring employees have access to high-quality care. HealthMetrics empowers employers to take proactive steps in preventing and managing non-communicable diseases, enhancing overall employee health and well-being through wellness programs and health screenings focused on NCDs.

5. NCD Prevention and Management:

Through wellness programs and health screenings focused on NCDs, HealthMetrics empowers employers to take proactive steps in preventing and managing non-communicable diseases, enhancing overall employee health and well-being.


To learn more about how HealthMetrics can transform your organisation's approach to employee healthcare, download our guide on showcasing healthcare trends in prominent industries while examining prevalent health conditions. This guide offers insights into implementing the solutions that address the critical trends identified in our healthcare report.

By embracing HealthMetrics, corporations can navigate the complexities of the current healthcare landscape, ensuring their workforce is healthier, more supported, and more engaged. With HealthMetrics, you're not just investing in healthcare benefits; you're investing in your organisation's future and its most valuable asset, your employees.

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