Introducing HealthMetrics Upgraded Outpatient Ticket Management UI

HealthMetrics and Across Asia Assists announce a new ticket interface for outpatient claims that provides more details and clarity.

Article by:
Kiren Velu Pillai

Dear Valued HealthMetrics and Across Asia Assists Clients,

We are excited to announce that we will soon launch our improved version of the ticket interface for our outpatient cashless and outpatient reimbursement tickets.

The enhancement of the ticket interface will provide you with more detailed information on the employees’ claims in terms of entitled amount, covered and uncovered amount, excess amount etc.  

With the new UI enhancement, you will be able to access detailed information on the ticket content, such as:

Section A

The total claim amount VS covered and uncovered amount based on the accessible treatment set by the organisation

Section B

Section C

Section D

The new UI will be available in a week or two for all our corporate clients in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Below is a screenshot of how the tickets will be displayed after the launch. Enclosed with a sneak peek of the improved ticket interface for your reference.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

Thank you for choosing HealthMetrics as your digital healthcare solution partner. 

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