Excelling Digitalisation: Unlocking Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost Savings for The Manufacturing Industry

Unlock efficiency, productivity, and cost savings through digitalisation in manufacturing.

Kiren Velu Pillai
June 6, 2023


The manufacturing and production sector is a cornerstone of Southeast Asia's economy but faces challenges such as rising healthcare costs and intense competition. Discover innovative solutions for manufacturing and production companies to revolutionise employee healthcare management.

Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

The World Economic Forum highlights the significant impact of digital healthcare on the sector, with potential productivity gains of up to 8%. This demonstrates the immense value that digitalisation brings to manufacturing and production processes.

Statista's projections further reinforce the need for increased efficiency. Digital health is expected to grow to a remarkable $10.86 billion by 2027, signifying a substantial 12.96% increase in economic value in Southeast Asia from 2023 to 2027. This growth presents a clear opportunity for companies to tap into the potential of digital solutions.

Moreover, McKinsey's study emphasises the vast potential of Asia's consumer-centric digital health market. It is projected to expand from US$37.4 billion in 2020 to over US$100 billion in 2025, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 21%. This growth is not limited to major players like China and India but includes contributions from ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

By embracing digitalisation and leveraging data insights, manufacturing and production companies can streamline operations, optimise processes, and drive efficiency and productivity to new heights. The need to adopt digital solutions becomes increasingly evident in light of these statistics, as they demonstrate the immense potential for growth and success in the sector.

Data Insights for Informed Decisions:

To make informed decisions, Manufacturing and production companies need access to data insights to make informed choices factoring and production companies need access to data insights.

By leveraging digital solutions, companies can streamline operations, optimise resource allocation, and enhance healthcare management efficiency. These data-driven approaches enable proactive strategies to control healthcare costs, improve health outcomes, and customise benefits utilisation for employee satisfaction.

Embrace the Future of Healthcare Management

By embracing the potential of digital solutions, such as the HealthMetrics platform, and leveraging data insights, manufacturing and production companies can unlock efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. With HealthMetrics' comprehensive employee benefits solutions and a data-driven approach, companies can optimise healthcare management, attract top talent, and achieve remarkable results.

HealthMetrics offers additional critical benefits to manufacturing and production companies, further enhancing their healthcare management:

Improve Outpatient Claims Management Efficiency by 43%: HealthMetrics optimises outpatient claims management, leveraging data-driven insights and preventive healthcare initiatives to control costs and enhance health outcomes, improving efficiency.
Reduce Inpatient Claims Expenses: Witness a concerning 114.3% year-on-year increase in employee hospital visits. HealthMetrics' Inpatient Module offers comprehensive solutions, including instant administration, analytics, quicker admissions, and dedicated support.
Customise Benefits Utilization for Employee Satisfaction: Efficiently allocate resources for dental, health screenings, and dependent pediatric care.
Identify medical trends to implement data-driven wellness programs, reducing inpatient claims expenses and promoting a healthier workforce.


Manufacturing and production companies have the opportunity to excel by embracing comprehensive healthcare offerings, including the HealthMetrics digital solution and the power of digitalisation.

By leveraging data insights and adopting innovative solutions like HealthMetrics, companies can optimise healthcare management, attract top talent, and achieve remarkable results.  Take action now and embrace the transformative power of digital healthcare, with HealthMetrics, catered for the manufacturing and production sector.

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