Company Saves 32% Of Their Annual Budget With HealthMetrics

Learn how your organisation can maintain the same savings while extending better employee well-being.

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Kiren Vele Pillai


The company featured in this case study is a global leader in Revenue Lifecycle Solution with multiple support centres that serve leading global brands across the globe.


In order to facilitate the needs of all 1500 employees and dependents' benefits, the company subscribed to HealthMetrics Basic Plus plan to facilitate in the management of outpatient medical and all other employees benefits.

With this plan, the company was able to implement a one-stop solution that allowed both employees and dependents to have full access to their current benefits and the balance in each one of them.

The HealthMetrics App

Not only that, with the web portal, it also allowed the HR administration team to monitor each employees’ outpatient medical usage and set up cost control measures through the HealthMetrics system.


As of writing of this article at the 9th month of implementation, the company has resulted in huge costs savings of over RM 300,000, which amounts to 32% of their expected outpatient medical budget.

With the additional RM300,000 savings, the company allocated the budget for the subsequent financial year to extend the range of benefits ("The Flexi Plan") for their employees and dependents with other benefits in consideration.

Benefits Offered to Employees

In order to achieve the goal of the corporate, the HealthMetrics Customer Success Team continuously worked closely with the HR team to review progress & reports, making tactical recommendations regarding employees’ health well-being. The team proactively engages with the company through consulting meetings to update them with the latest HealthMetrics features & employee benefit best practices.

We believe in empowering our clients to obtain the most value from HealthMetrics' system, as we truly value organisations that facilitate working practices and services that support employee well-being.

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48 hours saved in benefit reimbursement.
HealthMetrics’ data-driven approach has been able to accelerate the processing of employee's health benefits significantly.

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85% reduction in administrative task
Companies can reduce up to 85% of time spent on HR administrative task and this frees up time for HR on more important tasks.

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