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Get your medicine supplies with your balances on HealthMetrics

Get your medicine supplies with your balances on HealthMetrics

Convert your current balances to medicine supplies
  • Access to over 1000 types of medicines
  • Access to a monthly promotional sales list
  • Free delivery for orders above RM300
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What are the biggest challenges affecting your cash flow?

Jammed cash flow

The tracking of late payments from either their corporate clients or Third Party Administrator (TPA) hinders cash flow.

Overstocking inventory

There are times when clinics require bulk order for certain drugs, in order to be eligible for better savings. Creating an overstock on supplies of up to 10,000 SKU or more, further creating an impact on the clinic cash flow.

What can you expect ordering from us?

No more waiting up to 60
days for your payments!
Prevent overstock of inventory, purchase only what you need!
Enjoy lower drug pricing without bulk ordering!
Ultimately, enjoy better cash flow for your business!

As our healthcare partners you can choose to either contra/offset your existing invoices with drug supplies or apply for credit facility.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Is your medicine/drug price cheaper than my supplier?

Our price is competitive and best of all, you could use the invoices we owed you to contra for medicine supplies if you chose so.

Is there any minimum order required?

Yes, in order to enjoy the competitive pricing our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is RM300 /order.

How fast can you deliver?

Usually within 2-5 working days (if required urgently please order from your regular suppliers or pay for express delivery fee).

Can you deliver nationwide?


Can I buy the drug without available credit and what is the payment term?

You may purchase however payment will needed to be made prior to delivery unless we had granted credit facility to your clinic.

What if the order is lesser or more than the invoice amount?

If the order is lesser than HealthMetrics invoice amount, the remaining balance will be paid to you by HealthMetrics as per usual payment terms. However, should the order exceeded the invoice amount then you are required to pay the differences prior to delivery.

How to calculate available credit for drug supply?

First click on “All Transaction” under “Latest Transactions” from our panel dashboard. Next minus “Service Charge Bill” from the “Claim Invoice” to get the amount eligible/available credit amount for contra. Then submit inquiry for quotation. Upon receiving quotation, you can proceed to order if satisfy and our finance will contra your order.

We are not comfortable to change our current suppliers

No problem, think of us as an alternative supplier that can help with your cash flow

Do you supply consumable and/or equipment?

Kindly send you inquiry to [email protected] or call +6012-5525544 for further info
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