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Preparing Yourself for Uncertain Times

Published on 
April 17, 2020

The first epidemic happened back in 300BC in China and it wiped out a village. Subsequently, humankind have survived many pandemics namely The Spanish flu, The Black Death, Polio and H1N1. 

A Pandemic occurs when a disease has spread across the globe and our most recent one is none other than COVID-19 which was recently declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 12th March 2020. In a typical scenario, a pandemic starts with an epidemic, where the disease rapidly spreads across regions within a continent. 

The COVID-19 epidemic started off in Wuhan, China and spread to East Asia and South-East Asia regions. Due to the ease of travelling these days, the virus spreads much faster and eventually, COVID-19 became a pandemic via every mode of modern-day transportation that allowed cross-border travels.  

Viruses in general, have always been around and we have very little control to the extent on how they evolve. Now that we’re in the eye of the storm, let’s look forward to how you can equip and prepare yourself for the future ahead – life in the post Movement Control Order (MCO) era. This is important as this pandemic affects a person’s wellbeing holistically. 

Here are five tips to weather through the storm: 

1. Understanding yourself

If you have always been going with the flow or complain about not having enough “me time”, this is the right time to sit yourself down and evaluate your life. Understanding your own strengths, weaknesses and how you could leverage your strength for your relationship and career. You can also figure out what you should work on to improve yourself during this period of uncertainty – it helps to better prepare yourself for the future. By understanding yourself, it gives you a new sense of hope and purpose. 

2. Build relationships

Humans are wired to be social creatures and it does us no good to be alone for too long. Thanks to technology, we can connect with our family and friends while having our movements restricted. Staying connected helps to improve your emotional well-being, you can have a weekly catch up with your colleagues over online games, to get to know them better or set a weekly family meeting to have meals together virtually. While you’re at it, connect with friends whom you have not spoken for a while, check on them in these trying times – you might actually save that person’s life. A little kindness goes a long way. 

3. Be agile and level up

Being indoor provides you ample of time to upgrade yourself. Companies are probably downsizing to keep the business afloat, your job might even be at risk! Take this opportunity to invest in yourself to enhance your skills and be more flexible and resilient to change. Companies too can encourage employees to take up online courses to boost the organisation’s capacity and thrive in uncertain times by cross-training employees or even encourage peer-to-peer learning between departments. 

4. Lend a hand, be creative

Once you understand yourself and equip yourself with newfound skills, why not extend your expertise and add value to your company? Employers appreciate it when you’re volunteering to do tasks beyond your job-scope and that you’re more involved in the company. You’ll never know how your skills can lead to innovation! Economic downturn is inevitable, but it favours innovation, a good example – WhatsApp was created right after the last recession and look at how most of us are using it these days to text one another. 

5. Breathe in, Breathe out 

When uncertainty occurs without preparation, the level of anxiety and stress rises. Help yourself by limiting the news sources you consume to one or two – information overloading isn’t healthy for your mental wellbeing. Take a moment and remind yourself that, the more you read, it will not make the disease go away, so don’t worry about things you can’t change! Always be kind to yourself, it is okay to take a break – breathe and be mindful of your actions and words during this difficult period. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you better prepare yourself for whatever the outcome is on 28thth April 2020. Together, we can overcome this as we equip and stand together! This disease will not prevail as proven by history; humankind has already won the battle, we survived a few pandemics what’s another one? 

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