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HR Reinvented 2021

Watch this webinar and learn on how you can reinvent the workplace for the future

Incorporating hybrid approach for future workforce 
Join Datin Nurulhayati Anual (General Manager, Human Resources & Corporate Services, TNB Energy Services) to discover the discussion on how you can learn new knowledge on the hybrid workplace.
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Leveraging cloud computing for HR digitalisation
Get on board with Mr. Lim Beng Cheang (CEO, Starvision) in this session to discuss utilising tech to build an inclusive working environment at your organisation.

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How HR can leverage on digitalisation to move forward
Tune in to the session with Chan Chiou Hao (JustLogin) and Advent Phang (HealthMetrics) to gauge the digitalisation approach that you can practice with your organisation.
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Agility in employee wellbeing post-pandemic
Changes in the post-pandemic era are inevitable. Join Florence Tan (PwC Malaysia) in this session to learn more about identifying agility that is applicable for organisations.

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Handling team motivation & engagement in a hybrid workforce
Join Joachim Ooi (Arvato Systems Malaysia)
 and Zhi Ee Chan (Monsta Asia) in this session as they discussed alternatives to the usual method of engagement and team motivations.

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How improving lower back health increase productivity and wellbeing
Join Dr. Ozlan Izma (Gleneagles) to understand the importance of lower back health for employees and how employers can support their workforce accordingly.

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