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Top 10 HR Blogs to Follow in 2023: Stay Ahead of the Latest Trends

Reading well-researched content from your favourite HR blog is still one of the best ways for HR professionals to stay on to many great HR blogs; however, choosing which ones to read can become time-consuming.

To help you with this – and to help you save time – we’ve done the heavy lifting. We’ve selected 30 HR blogs and newsletters that we believe are worth a browse. Some may be familiar to you, others may not, but there’s something for everyone on our list. Happy reading!

Workest by Zenefits offers everything you need about human resources, people operations, and the workplace. Think of news, tips, tools, and resources. A relatively cool feature of this page is its discussion section. 

Here, Workest readers can ask their HR questions and answer other people's questions or join the discussion. You can see questions that have been asked recently and the most famous HR questions asked.
2) Ongig`s
Ongig's blog contains resources to help you create compelling and inclusive job descriptions. You'll find plenty of tips on how to write better job titles, ads and descriptions, and diversity and inclusion your posts include a mixture of fun, lighthearted content, including 15 Funny HR Quotes [to make you Laugh or Cry!] and 12 Job Title Ideas for 'Someone who does Everything'.
3) Paycor's HR & Payroll blog
If you’re interested in compensation and benefits, compliance, or people management, Paycor’s blog is a great resource to follow. Their posts are insightful and practical, aimed mainly at HR practitioners from small & medium businesses. You can find the most relevant content with their search function, and the handy One Minute Takeaway section summarises the most critical points of each article. 
Employee Experience In 2023: Navigating A Recession-Based Economy
Unlock the power of employee experience and lead the way in the future of work with our e-book.

Glassdoor helps employees and former employees review their employers and serves as a job board. But Glassdoor for Employers is a resource for companies recruiting and retaining talent. With all of the feedback left by employees through their platform, Glassdoor has excellent advice about improving your company's profile on Glassdoor--which can definitely come in handy for your employer branding efforts.
5) Harver
The Harver blog is an excellent source of information for anyone looking to improve their hiring strategy. The articles are easy-to-read and often provide practical tips on how to get started with a specific process within your organisation or how to improve it. Although they specialise in the volume recruitment space, much of the information and advice can be related to any organisation regarding improving your hiring strategy.
6) TINYpulse
The TINYpulse blog is dedicated to employee engagement. You will find articles offering simple tips for simplifying your employee engagement efforts in 2023, easy-to-implement ideas for engaging remote employees through recognition, and insights into how top employers drive employee engagement.
The complete guide to corporate wellness 
A must read for HR creating a healthy and happy working environment

If you need inspiration for anything related to employee perks, office party ideas or simple hacks to stay healthy at work, SnackNation has got you covered. Their articles will help you create a healthier and happier culture in your organisation, no matter what budget you're working with!
8) OfficeVibe
OfficeVibe's blog provides tips and advice for managers to help them perform better in their roles and improve employee productivity, development, and engagement. You'll find topics like "How to give effective employee feedback" and "Having difficult conversations: a manager's guide to tough talks" covered in an approachable way.
9) Vantage Circle
Vantage Circle's mission is to help companies build winning work cultures, and they do so through innovative employee engagement solutions. The company's blog features articles on company culture, podcasts, in-depth guides, eBooks and webinars.
10) Unleash
Unleash is a global digital media business delivering the latest news, analysis, and market trends for HR. You might know them as the organiser of a series of leading HR conferences, UNLEASH. They publish exciting articles about everything related to the workplace and often discuss trending topics like the metaverse and emerging technologies like augmented reality.
To keep up with the latest HR trends, HR professionals can read HR blogs. In this article, we've listed the top 10 HR blogs to follow in 2023. These blogs cover HR operations and hiring strategies for employee engagement and wellness.

 Whether you want to improve your company culture, learn about emerging technologies or boost your hiring practices, these blogs have covered you. Start following these blogs to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving HR landscape.
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