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HealthMetrics launches e-pharmacy service

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March 4, 2021
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New Straits times

KUALA LUMPUR: Employee healthcare and wellness benefits management platform, HealthMetrics, has launched a new e-pharmacy service and enhanced in-patient module.

According to the company's chief executive officer, Alvin Yuan, the new updates are the company's show of commitment to further provide the Malaysian workforce with more comprehensive, accessible healthcare solutions, in line with the country's accelerated adoption of digital processes.

"We are proud to have established ourselves as an industry leader in outpatient care and corporate healthcare management over the years.

"Now, with the introduction of our new features, we're excited to champion the next evolution of corporate healthcare in Malaysia," said Yuan.

Despite it being a new concept in Malaysia where most people still prefer the in-person visits to their healthcare providers or their local pharmacies, the contactless delivery for medical prescriptions is now growing.

HealthMetrics' e-pharmacy service, also called the long-term medication (LTM) module, is designed to ensure that employees can have all their medical prescriptions fulfilled and deliver right to their doorsteps in a contactless setting.

All employees would have to do is submit their prescriptions via the HealthMetrics app and once approved, the prescription will be filled, and the medication will be delivered to them.

"Our LTM and enhanced in-patient modules were designed in response to not only the current situation caused by the global pandemic but also to lead the charge in helping employers deliver innovative and revolutionary healthcare solutions to their employees," said Yuan, adding that the platform also manages medical claims on behalf of human resources (HR) teams where all prescription claims will be automatically submitted in real-time via the app once payment has been made, and medication received.

In these unprecedented times, HR teams have been elevated to become one of the most greatly needed departments across industries.

As such, HealthMetrics' enhanced in-patient module ensures that when an employee is hospitalised, all parties involved - the employee, the employer, and the healthcare provider - are able to access real-time updates and be kept informed at every level.

During hospitalisation too, employees will be able to access their allocated healthcare benefits seamlessly without having to worry about manually submitting medical claims or checking with their HR teams to confirm what their corporate healthcare plans entail.

The HealthMetrics platform also ensures that all paperwork is streamlined and automated, thus saving time and cost while providing peace of mind to all parties.

HealthMetrics will soon introduce an API gateway that can be integrated with existing HRIS systems.

"We intend for our platform to ensure that the Malaysian workforce and eventually, that of the region, will have access to comprehensive and holistic healthcare solutions that are future-proof," said Yuan.

HealthMetrics recently received an ISO 27001-certification by TÜV Austria Deutschland, and it is also in compliance with the highest international information requirements and standards, ensuring that all data stored on its platform is protected and will be treated with utmost confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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