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People-first . Unified . Disruptive .
We have created a single, unified platform that allows organisation to improve employees' wellbeing and productivity, regardless of a company growth stage. The platform allows organisations to access and this helps to improve workplace wellbeing and optimise healthcare.

Great workplace health signifies higher productivity and lower operation cost.
48 hours saved in benefit reimbursement
HealthMetrics’ data-driven approach has been able to accelerate the processing of employee's health benefits significantly.
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85% reduction in administrative task
Companies can reduce up to 85% of time spent on HR administrative task and this frees up time for HR on more important tasks.
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Unlocking the power of a sustainable workforce
The health and wellness of your employees define the health of your business. 
HealthMetrics ecosysem is an open platform with an aim to empower health benefits management to make it people-centric, to optimise cost and to improve employee's wellbeing.... and companies' performance.

We measure the pulse of what matters most and provide you with a unique ability to engage employees and track their wellbeing towards better health outcomes.
HealthMetrics has designed a unified platform to make good, quality healthcare accessible to employees. In order to ensure efficient claim management and a seamless journey for your employees, we have created a network of healthcare partners and a logistic network to ensure supply of medical needs are optimised. 

In return, the saved costs will be transfer to your business.
Take action for your employee's wellbeing with the perfect ecosystem
The earlier a problem is discovered, the easier and cheaper it is to resolve. HealthMetrics provide a proactive approach to identify early signs of problems with employees' wellbeing so that they can be resolved before the problems affect business productivity.
Real-time data. 
On a single platform.
Save 40% of time on HR administration and decisions.
With HealthMetrics, HR and Admin can securely auto-populate internal employee benefits in minutes – with full set of analytics and in-depth reporting.
One touch access to healthcare needs for the employees
A complete, all-in-one access, to ensure your employees are up-to-date with their health benefits.
Using the HealthMetrics App, employees will have access to their health benefits information and will be able to track their expenditure with a click. 
Create better prevention to scale your company 3
Create better prevention to scale your company
Create better prevention to scale your company
As your company's benefits data are being optimised by HealthMetrics, the platform is able to detect and alert you on early warning signs of health risks faced by your employees.
Let our Customer Success team help you with crafting the most effective strategies to set these interventions programs for your employees health to prevent further risk to them and your company.
Real-time data helps to ensure early detection of employees health risk. We help companies to optimise healthcare cost in order to scale and expand your business faster.
Your data is safe and secured
Your data is safe and secure
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